Chigra - Amusing tea infuser. |
Chigra - Amusing tea infuser.
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Type:Personal, concept Field:Product design Date:Apr, 2009 Phase:Initial design, concept

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Info / Description: Blowing into the cup is part of everybody's tea ritual, so much so that it is almost instinctive behavior. What if we could, having that in mind, make the ritual more enjoyable and colorful? What if our children could start a healthy tea drinking habit while having fun at the same time?

The chigra infuser is made out of a light, plastic propeller lid and stainless metal body promising years of use. The lid is filled with air which allows it to float while the body is submerged. The propeller lid makes the infuser rotate when you blow into the tea. The container holes are created at an angle which allows for faster blending.

Additional info: Thanks to Jelena Jovović and Strahinja Jeličić.

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