USBee - USB flash disk concept |
MS Industrial Design Contest Winner USBee - USB flash disk concept
Project info
Type:Contest, (client: MS Industrials) Field:Product design Date:Feb, 2008 Phase:final design

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Awards / Publications: 2008 - MS Industrial Design Contest Winner 2008 - Gizmodo 2008 - Featured on Behance 2008 - Featured on Yanko 2008 - Designeast 2008 - Best of march Yanko Design

Info / Description: The revolution is made in neck part of the USBee, which is now completely flexible because of its shape and choice of material - silicon. It can move in every direction and it can’ t brake, as it ussually happens. His electronics is protected and it’ s placed inside of the aluminum box, which is covered by silicon, so it’ s fully protected from spilling the coffee, or juice... and from some light impact or just dropping it on the flore by accident.

The silicon on the back part of the USBee has cuts on itself so there’ s no fear from overheating. As far as the ergonomics is concerned, the choice of the silicon as the exterior material is great because it can’t slip from your hand, which is more secured by the cuts on the back part of its surface.

It’s easy weight, flexible, unusual which makes it impossible to lose. You can easily feel it in your pocket and on the other hand, it suits your hand like a glove. You can even hang it on your mobile phone. And, in the end the modern choice of colours is just like a cheery on top!

Additional info: Thanks to Jelena Jovović and Strahinja Jeličić for copy.
Concept and design by Damjan Stanković.
Modeling, rendering, design by Marko Radosavljević.

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